• EZ Knees Stirrup Adjusters

    Cashel Company

  • $29.99

  • Description

    Cashel EZ Knee Stirrup Corrector Stop the fender fight and relieve unnecessary pain in your knees and hips while you ride. EZ Knees uniquely changes the position of your western stirrups to sit perpendicular to your horse. This allows your feet to rest in a more natural position which can help eliminate pressure from the "fender torque". 1/8" hand polished, no-rust aluminum. 3" top. Stirrup drop is approx. 2" once the EZ-Knee is attached. U.S.A. Sold in pairs. Features: 1/8" hand polished aluminum 3" top Stirrup drop is approx. 2" Rust-proof Durable Eliminates pressure Item Specifications: Material: Hand polished aluminum

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