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    Graftobian's F/X AireTM black HD Airbrush makeup is alcohol based, smooth and trouble free. Graftobian Airbrush makeup goes on quick and easy with excellent coverage that will last 12-14 hours. Because Graftobian uses much smaller particles, and a more durable alcohol soluble copolymer, than other brands you have no clogging with better adhesion to the skin, so your work will stay looking amazing for the whole day! Your airbrush creations will look great for the whole day, even if they get wet or come in contact with sweat. F/X Aire HD Airbrush makeup washes off easily with warm soap, water and a little scrubbing. F/X Aire does not need thinning with water or alcohol; it's already the perfect consistency for airbrushing. Note that thinning the makeup can cause clumping or clogging. 2oz bottle/Green.

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