• Falling to Peaces (2012)

    Caryl Productions

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  • Description

    A newly-released 12-part series on 3 DVDs.
    Our everyday world offers many paths to peace - on an individual level to a global scale - but although they may feel and sound good, not all paths lead to the peace they promise.
    Falling to Peaces is a tool that anyone can use to be intentional about choosing the right path. It is no coincidence that we are seeing an explosion of spiritual alternatives in our world - in fact, this was predicted long ago.
    With today's uncertainty, it is important to know what the future holds. There are many contradictory prophecies and spiritual alternatives - determining what to believe is like putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle!
    Falling to Peaces identifies many pieces of the puzzle and presents the big picture so that you can make informed decisions. Viewpoints from the Bible and alternative spirituality are weighed.
    This series offers a unique format that uses footage of conversations with everyday people on the street to create healthy discussion about difficult and often divisive questions.
    Falling to Peaces weaves together everyday dialogue, opposing viewpoints, historical background, chalkboard visuals, and teaching moments to "peace" together each subject.
    Topics are presented in a nonthreatening, engaging format that is ideal for participation by a wide audience.

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