• Fancy Pal Unicorn

    Wilcor International Wholesaler

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  • Description

    The Fancy Pals Purse Pet Carriers is a series of plush toys that features a mini-plush pet and an complemental plush carrier in a related theme. From puppy to panda, from dolphin to unicorn, each mini-plush features an unique animal. Some of them are from the land, some are from the sea, some are from the sky, some of them even lives in the fantasy world! These adorable, cute and sassy mini-plush pet will bring hours of fun to your loved little one. Made with soft and high quality material, they are too cute not to collect them all!The Fancy Pals Pet Carriers Series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY): • BCC9614272-009XP30H50 (Princess Kitten)• BCC9614W5-009XP3250T (Fancy Pink Polka Dot)• BCC9614258-009XP325050 (Fancy Leopard)• BCC9614241-009XP32M64 (Pretty Pup)• BCC9614V4-009XP3W002 (Aurora Unicorn)• BCC9614227-009XP3W057 (Pretty Panda)• BCC9614210-009XP3W194 (Shimmer White Poddle)• BCC9614203-009XP3W200 (Shimmer Panda Pet)• BCC9614197-009XP3W552 (Yummy Poodle)• BCC9614180-009XP3W5H (Cupcake Chihuahua)• BCC96YD1-009XP3W5D (Cool)• BCC9614Z6-009XP3WH7 (Pink Shih Tsu)• BCC96141O-009XP3WF7 (Pinky Penguin)• BCC9614142-009XP32G44 (Pink Dream)• BCC9614Y5-009XP32GC (Lavender Heartfelt)• BCC9614128-009XP327405 (Pink Lacey)

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