• Fashion First Aid White Collar Grime Disposable Collar Protectors-white-10 Feet

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    Hat sweat stains are gross, but if you throw your cap in the wash, you're risking damage. Instead, prevent hat sweat stains with White Collar Grimeª. Simply cut off the desired length of 100% super-soft cotton, stick it to the inside of your hat band, and go about your dirty work. When it gets too dirty to bear, peel off, dispose, and replace with another one. You'll never have to deal with a greasy hat again. And don't forget, White Collar Grimeª prevents ring around the collar stain, tames tags, and covers up itchy embroidery. Just peel, stick, wear, then peel off and dispose before laundering. Voila! No ring around the collar stain, no hat sweat stains, no nonsense. Each roll comes with 10 feet (330 cm)of 1.25" (3.2 cm) wide White Collar GrimeTM. Made in USA

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