• FAST AND FANCY SHOOTERS produced by Col. Rex Applegate

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    Relive an earlier spectator shooting sport that hundreds of thousands of the older generations of shooters were privileged to personally witness and enjoy. American in origin, exhibition shooting got its start in the early Wild West shows at the turn of the 20th cen­tury. Fortunately, enough early motion-picture footage has survived to enable this video presentation, so that future generations of shooters will know about this kind of shooting skill and showmanship that will never be equaled. This video, containing both color and black & white footage, was produced by the late Col. Rex Applegate, and features the following:
     * Bill Jordan, a major figure in the law enforcement and sport shooting fields, a legend in his own time, big-game hunter, noted lawman, firearms authority, gun writer and author of No Second Place Winner.
     * Ed McGivern, the legendary revolver shooter and author of Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting. Recently rediscovered, this film shows why he was called the greatest handgun shooter who ever lived.
     * Herb Parsons, the last of the great professional exhibition shooters, who well deserved to be called "the Showman Shooter."
     * Other well-known Remington Exhibition Shooters
     The late Colonel Rex Applegate was universally recognized as America's foremost authority on close combat with or without weapons.

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