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    Craniatics - Magnetic mayhem. A convergence of color and clever thought.
    An unparalleled collection of magnetic puzzles and games.
    Famed puzzle inventor Ivan Moscovich has an eye for the unusual and a mind for enigmas. His latest magnetic collection of brainteasers, Craniatics is a visual cocktail of new configurations. These beauties will mystify your mind and open your eyes to the incredible pleasures of playing with logic.
    Eye-popping magnet tiles in curious shapes are placed on a magnetic gameboard. You maneuver them. You contemplate. You consider one idea after another. You're tempted to give up. And then, you outfox that part of you that says- it's just not possible.
    Arranging the vibrant magnetic pieces is fun in itself. Putting your cranium to good use with them is a remarkable way to spend time. Challenging another person to a Craniatics game is rewarding interaction. 
    With a beautiful system for solving - a puzzling space that opens so that you can play neatly on the attached magnetic board, there's no question Craniatics is well-suited for travel. And it's even better for building concentration, critical thinking and logic skills.
    Ten puzzles and games are included. A partial list:
    Ouroboros - The Serpent
    The Euclidean Ellipses
    The Apple Tree
    The Circuitous Journey
    Binary Bits
    Compelling magnet play and inviting Craniatics themes will delight even those most unlikely to attempt a brainteaser.
    An unparalleled collection of magnetic puzzles and games
    Ten superb magnetic challenges with solutions
    (Actually more than ten, a number of the brainteasers include several variations)
    Open the magnetic box, place a puzzle and solve!
    Build concentration, critical thinking and logic skills
    Includes three Craniatics games suitable for 1 or more players
    A plethora of magnetic playing pieces, gameboards, magnetic board included
    High quality construction

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