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    Feed the Woozle - An Award Winning Game of Silly Snacks and Mixed Up Moves!  Chocolate covered flies and hairy pickles? Yummy! The big mouth Woozle is hungry. Can you feed him 12 silly snacks from the spoon before all the snacks are gone? Play together, work together, and have some monstrous fun! Instructions for play include three different game levels so the fun will grow with your child. Game includes 1 stand-up Woozle, 24 silly snacks, 12 yummy cards, 1 die, 1 spinner, 1 spoon and instructions for three variations of game play. Skill Builder Skills: - Body Awareness - Fine and Gross Motor Skills - Counting - Taking Turns, Rolling a Die, Spinning a Spinner - Working Cooperatively Preschool Skills-Builder Games!  These games teach important developmental skills through cooperative game play. Kids develop skills like cutting with scissors, counting, differentiating between BIG and little, recognizing left and right and gross motor dexterity. They also learn basic game playing skills like taking turns, rolling a die, spinning a spinner and playing together! Peaceable Kingdom's whole line of cooperative games emphasize play, not competition. Kids work together, they help each other and, most importantly, they play for FUN! Cooperative Games foster: - Non-stressful play situations - Emotional development - Shared decision making - Creative problem solving - A sense of community - Positive self esteem - Playfulness - Cooperation Since 1983  Peaceable Kingdom  has created fresh, fun, award-winning products for kids that educate, inspire and tickle funny bones!  Connect with the kids in your life with Peaceable Kingdom.

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