• FIERCE AND FEMALE - Practical Rape Defense Tactics for Every Woman (2000)

    Paladin Press

  • $6.74

  • Description

    This original Paladin production demonstrates 7 proven-effective prevention strategies every woman must know, then picks up where other tapes leave off when you're already in a compromised position and a decisive and explosive counterattack is necessary. Part 1 provides essential, uncomplicated techniques for stand-up attacks, showing you what to do and not to do in potentially life-threatening scenarios. Part 2 delves into defense from lying down, rape-specific pins and assaults, providing comprehensive instruction for worst-case scenarios. With their realistic scenarios, full-force demonstrations on padded attackers and easy-to-follow instruction with at-home practice exercises, these gritty, no-holds-barred videos should be required viewing for all women interested in being safe, confident and secure. For information purposes only.

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