• Figure Trimmer Magnetic Wave Disc

    US Jaclean

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  • Description

    Figure Trimmer Magnetic Wave Disc Twist your way to health, and have fun at the same time! The Figure Trimmer generates a natural aerobic workout by encouraging a twisting motion in your body. Stepping onto it while listening to music or watching TV makes exercise a pleasure. Enjoy yourself while your twisting motion melts away fat and trims your waistline. Both safe and effective, the Figure Trimmer does not produce any side effects, even with prolonged use. Unlike other such twist boards or discs, this Figure Trimmer's 200-some nodules stimulate specific meridian points on the soles of your feet to apply the benefits of acupressure. Strategically placed magnets throughout the disc add the benefits of magnet therapy. Naturally revitalize and restore fitness throughout your entire body! Features: Slims the thighs, waist, and hips Stimulates aerobic exercise Massages and relaxes Stimulates blood circulation No negative side effects, even with prolonged use Trims the midsection Stimulates more than 200 meridian points Alleviates pain Massages the feet Includes: 1 x Figure Trimmer Magnetic Wave Disc

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