• Fine Mesh Reusable Round Bottom Deluxe Nut Milk Bag

    Natural Zing

  • $11.16

  • Description

    Nut Milk Bag Deluxe (fine mesh, round bottom). This has a round bottom and can be used for straining up to a quart and half of liquid. Use this fine mesh Nut Milk Bag for straining your nut milk to make them very smooth. Smooth nut milks go great in recipes and when serving meals to persons unfamiliar with raw foods. This is a nylon fine mesh bag so a little extra time will be needed to strain the milks but they will come out delicious. Tip add a little kelp or dulse to your nut milk, get the minerals going, also 1 T agave nectar per quart rounds out the flavor of nuts blended with water, a pinch of sea salt helps too.
    You can also use this as a sprouting bag.

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