• Finishing the Figure: Doll Costuming, Embellishments, Accessories

    CT Publishing

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    These are guides for costumers of collector's dolls rather than  children's toys. Sewing teacher and author Hinds gives  instructions and patterns for 16 ethnic costumes designed for  standard, commercial 18" dolls. Many of the authentic costumes  involve traditional fabrics and needlework. Oroyan's costumes  are for original character dolls with a period or theatrical  theme, similar to those in her previous book, Designing the Doll  (LJ 6/15/99). She gives general instructions for specific items  of clothing, such as petticoats or hats. Dressed dolls are  pictured as examples rather than projects. Both books will  appeal to collectors as well as crafters and are recommended for  public libraries.     Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc.
           Susanna Oroyan is the author of three other books on dollmaking and has made over 500 dolls since 1972. She is a motivating force in dollmakers' organizations throughout the United States and has appeared on HGTV's "The Carol Duvall Show." She lives in Eugene, Oregon.

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