• Fitter First 20" Wobble Board

    Fitter First / Fitter International (Bongo Balance Boards)

  • $129.90

  • Description

    Tired of being a pushover? Improve your game, by improving your sense of balance with the Wobble Board! Every athletic activity requires good body coordination and balance. The Wobble Board is the key to unlocking your potential. At first, this balancing act is pretty challenging... but after a little practice, you'll be a pro... then you'll be able to bring this new coordination into all your other activities! You'll even feel more confident when you're just out walking. Major benefits: Improved balance and coordination; Increased leg strength and ankle range of motion; Greater confidence in sports and other physical activities; Greater ability to avoid accidents through better balance awareness; Enhanced core, lower and upper body strength and stability; Improved posture.; Weight capacity is 350 lbs.; Great for balance training, rehabilitation and injury prevention. A good choice for beginners. 20" birch disc; Adjusts to 3 angles: 10, 12 or 15 degrees; Larger size allows for wider, more stable stance and easier balancing. Order Today! 20" Fitter First Wobble Board

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