• Flea Markets of Japan: A Pocket Guide for Antique Buyers

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    To the Japanese antique enthusiast, flea markets are collectively known as a source of rare finds, a treasure trove of bargains, and the most freewheeling, exciting place to shop. 

    But for the Western shopper, the prospect of uncovering what these modern-day bazaars have to offer may be somewhat daunting. Besides the language barrier, there is the need to bargain for every purchase, concern about unscrupulous vendors, and difficulty when it comes to ascertaining an unknown item's name, origin, and uses-not to mention determining a fair price.

    This is the first-ever book written to help non-Japanese cope with the challenges of shopping at flea markets, enabling them to go out and get the goods they are after. The book starts with a general orientation, discussing the advantages of flea markets over antique stores, and the availability, quality, and prices of antiques sold through this channel.

    Next comes a list of 115 flea markets taking place across Japan, the most comprehensive of its kind.
    The heart of the book is the Things to Buy section, which gives names and descriptions for 450 antiques and artifacts, conveniently classified into 18 categories. Last, the section on "flea-market Japanese" supplies the shopper with the linguistic tools to bring it all together, with a "survival kit" of over 250 shopping-related Japanese words and phrases. Powerful yet easy-to-master phrases enable the shopper to communicate with vendors effectively.

    Pocket-sized but packed with information, Flea Markets of Japan: A Pocket Guide for Antique Buyers is the flea-market shopper's indispensable reference. For gaijin in the hunt, that killer find is now within reach.

    * List of 115 flea markets-plus detailed directions for getting there.

    * Names and descriptions of about 450 antiques and artifacts

    * Photographs of the most popular items for sale

    * "Survival kit" of over 250 shopping-related Japanese words and phrases

    * Complete explanation of flea-market bargaining techniques, including tips for getting the lowest price and a special section on etiquette

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