• Flensted Mobiles Nursery Mobiles, Cranemobile

    Flensted Mobiles / Nielsen Trading, Inc.

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    Flensted Mobiles are a traditional handicraft in Denmark. The first modern designer mobile was made there in 1954. Today Flensted Mobiles is based on the Danish island of Funen, the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson, where it creates its very own design fairy tales from the old village school in Brenderup. For thousands of years the crane has been regarded as a sacred bird and a symbol of happiness and long life. An impressive characteristic of the crane is its graceful dance, especially in the mating season, when, neck outstretched, it performs a series of jumps and elegant glides. Chinese and Japanese ceremonies have attempted to imitate the movement of this majestic bird, whose call quite resembles the blare of a trumpet. In ancient prints the crane was depicted holding a stone in its foot, the legend being that the crane was on guard and should it fall asleep, the stone would drop and awaken the bird. A portion of this purchase benefits the work of Amnesty International for human rights all over the world.

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