• FlipKlip Ergonomic Book Holder 2-Pak

    Blue Zap / Flip Klip

  • $4.92

  • Description

    The FlipKlip Page Clamp Book Holder clips onto the pages of your book (top or bottom, you choose), to make holding the book easier.  Permits the reader to relax and hold the book open on the palm of the hand, without awkward finger clamping and fatigue.   Easily manages reference books, paperbacks, magazines and catalogs on a table or desktop while you work.  FlipKlip Book Holder has many uses; at school, in the home or office, or while traveling.  Use it at the gym to read while getting your exercise, as a treadmill book holder. Helps to relieve hand fatigue from holding the book for prolonged durations.  Use for reading on an airplane, to hold a paperback on the tray table.  Handy on any desktop for keeping catalogs and magazines open, this compact bookholder is small, lightweight and goes in your purse or pocket, or may be stored on your book.  Use for your cookbook, as a paper-back book holder, while doing library reference, and for holding your book open while you type.  Read a book or magazine while eating lunch.  This item makes a thoughtful and welcome gift for anyone who reads.  People will ask where you got that Very Cool little Book Holder!

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