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    Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Food Flask Vacuum Insulated Lychee Red- 12 oz. (354 mL) Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Food Flask Vacuum Insulated Lychee Red is perfect for those who want to take a hot or cold snack on the go. Just the right size for a morning bowl of oatmeal or a afternoon bowl of soup, the Food Flask will provide you up to 3 hours of maintaining temperature for a satisfying meal. Food Flasks were developed to perform in every environment. Each Food Flask is cast from double wall vacuum insulated food grade 18/8 stainless steel, therefore they are BPA-Free and resistant to bacteria and odors. The double wall vacuum insulation technology allows Hydro Flasks to keep hot contents hot and cold contents cold. Food Flasks are not microwave safe. Features: 12 oz (354mL) Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Keeps Hot Food and Liquids Hot Keeps Cold Food and Liquids Cold BPA-Free 18/8 Stainless Steel Signature Matte Finish Manufacturer Lifetime warranty (See manufacturer's Info Tab for more information) Hydro Flask Infographic -What's Inside Vacuum InsulationThe entire Hydro Flask line is vacuum insulated which means there is an absence of matter between the two stainless steel walls. Since there is no matter, the temperature outside of the flask has a difficult time affecting the temperature of the contents inside the flask. Cold up to 24 hours/Hot up to 12 hoursDue to the fact that our flasks are vacuum insulated, your hot beverages stay hot up to 12 hours and your cold beverages stay cold up to 24 hours. 18/8 Stainless SteelAll of our flasks are made of 18/8 stainless steel; BPA free and highly resistant to absorbing odor, taste and bacteria. They are simple to clean, don't have a liner to scratch and are completely recyclable. Lifetime WarrantyThey guarantee every Hydro Flask against manufacturer's defects for 100 years or one lifetime, whichever comes first. Powder CoatingAll Hydro Flasks are made of 18/8 stainless steel.

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