• Floor Mat with Alarm used to Prevent Falls and Wandering

    Smart Caregiver Corp

  • $47.48

  • Description

    This is one of our most popular mobility monitoring fall prevention and anti-wandering exit alarms. How it works: Simply plug the cord from the floor mat into the exit alarm which you place nearby. When the floor mat is stepped on, the alarm will sound, alerting you that a resident needs assistance. To silence the alert, press the reset button on the front of the alarm monitor. The optional Tamper-Proof setting prevents clients from disabling the alert before a caregiver can reach them. When the alarm monitor is set to the Caregiver Key setting, only the caregiver can reset the alarm by using the Caregiver Key(included). This can also be an effective fall risk assessment tool because the assigned caregiver will know exactly how many times they had to reset the alert due to a fall risk client attempting to get up without assistance. System has a one year manufacturer warranty.

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