• Force-on-Force Handgun Drills

    Paladin Press

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    The only way to ensure that your range tactics will save your life when you're in the chaos of a true gunfight is through reality-based force-on-force handgun training, and the only way to get that training is by learning from the best: veteran combat shooting instructor and best-selling Paladin author Gabriel Suarez.  In this groundbreaking video production, you get an inside look at Suarez's force-on-force handgun seminar, where he provides you with the training you need through a series of high-intensity drills designed to teach you such vital gunfighting basics as the proper use of cover, how to move and shoot effectively, and the importance of being preemptive in a combative situation. In addition to giving you instruction on how to make your firearms practice valuable on the street, he also teaches you how to modify your range training so that you can get maximum benefit for your time spent.  There are hundreds of gun gurus out there, teaching hundreds of different styles, techniques and tactics. This video gives you the tools you need to separate what works from what's fiction.  For information purposes only .

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