• Foundation of Nursing Package 2010 - Contains revised Nursing Social Policy Statement & Nursing Scope and Standards, paperback

    ANA American Nurses Association

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    Nurses seeking to create exemplary practice environments refer to ANA's Foundation of Nursing to guide them in their daily practice, thinking and decision-making. This three book package provides the guidance, support and justification you need to to question practice in a professional manner.
    Nurses will:
        Gain a better understanding of the paramaters of scope of scope of professional nursing practice by increasing their knowledge of the standards of professional prerformanceactice with with the guidelines in Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice.
        Be better prepared to meet the ethical challenges present in today's healthcare environment by applying the values, duties and commitment found in the Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses for Nurse: Interpretation and Applications to everyday practice.
        Reaffirm and renew their commitment to society and the profession by reviewing Nursing's Social Policy Statement: The Essence of the Profession.
    A must have for faculty, students, researchers, in-service trainers, chief nursing officers, boards of nursing, agencies, organizations, regulators, legislators, lawyers, judges, healthcare consumers, and others.

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