• Fresh Digest for Cats - 100 g Bottle

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    Sometimes our pets are not "fresh as a daisy". Bad breath, gas, increased stool, diarrhea and skin & coat problems are often caused by poor digestion, even with a healthy diet. Fresh Digest provides essential enzymes and the prebiotic FOS to help your pet feel and smell fresher from the inside out. Many products address the symptoms, not the cause of pet odor. Better digestion improves almost every aspect of health. With daily use of Fresh Digest, you'll notice improved breath, coat, stool and vitality. Your pet will feel (and smell) great! 4 Plant Enzymes PLUS Prebiotic - FOS in clinically tested, effective levels. No fillers such as lactose or grain to cause further digestive upset. Tasty powder.100 gram container provides 133 servings..

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