• Fromase Rennet Tablets, 10 tablets per • package

    Fromase/Wilderness Family Naturals

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    These rennet tablets are used to coagulate milk using microbes. They are manufactured with a thermo labile enzyme of a selected strain of Rhyzomucor miehei, which is widely used in the dairy industry. Thermo labile enzyme means that no residual enzymatic activity is found in the whey after a pasteurization process. The activity and stability of these tablets with respect to temperature is superior to the activity of animal rennet tablets. Fromase® 50 can be used for the preparation of fermented/coagulated milk, the oldest form of an acidified milk product. They can serve as the basis for making "quark" (sour curd cheese) and fresh cheese curds as well as a probiotic whey beverage. These tablets are enclosed in "blister packs" so they are individually sealed and not exposed to oxidation until their "blister" is opened for use. Each tablet is scored for easy breakage into ½ or ¼ tablet pieces when needed.

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