• Fuzzy Face Magnetic Frame

    Fred and Friends

  • $18.00

  • Description

    Ever wondered what your mother would look like with a handle-bar mustache?
    Or, fancied yourself in a long, flowing mullet, but never had the guts to grow one?
    Try any hairstyle imaginable on anyone you wish! The Fred and Friends Fuzzy Face Magnetic Picture Frame is a riot of fun! Just slide in a 4 x 6 printed picture, open the frame, place it on a flat surface, and immediately begin doodling away with the magnetic magic wand.
    The tiny iron filings will stick wherever you place them with the wand. There's even a magnetic 'lock' that holds your goofy hair in place until you feel it's time for another drastic change!
    To lock in the look, just lift the frame gently (keep holding your work level), and just swing the back panel closed against the front. You can even use the wand as a stand to prop your picture sideways or upright.
    You'll have a laugh-tastic time turning your friends and family into goofy circus-looking characters with the Fred and Friends Fuzzy Face magnetic Picture Frame.

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