• G Seat Foldable Gel Cushion with Integrated Handle, 8w x 2d x 7 1/2h, Black (AVT61250) Category: Cushions & Accessories

    Gelco Products (GSeat)

  • $52.93

  • Description

    The future is here! With the G-Seat, space-age material has been combined to bring you unparalleled comfort and portability. It's a patented, ergonomically engineered, gel seat cushion that is second to none. The G-Seat cushion is made from a layer of low density polyurethane gel over a memory foam base, providing both the amazing benefits of gel and the light weight features of foam. It also features a center-relieved groove that relieves pressure on the soft tissue and tailbone, while its special wedge design promotes proper lumbar curvature while seated. And better still, the integrated handle and foldable design make the G-Seat conveniently portable. .

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