• Garden Creations JB5677 Outdoor 7.5-Foot Umbrella Table Screen, Black

    Jobar International

  • $8.20

  • Description

    Now that you have that lovely patio set, and a new barbecue, meals al fresco should be a breeze, right? Not if there are uninvited guests that want to dine on you!  Get rid of the flies and mosquitoes and enjoy a meal, or just a peaceful evening outdoors with our 7.5 ft. umbrella screen. It?s as easy as taking the shade umbrella out and putting the screen one into the hole in your table.  It?s fully adjustable in diameter and height, and comes with a drawstring and zippered enclosure.  To make sure it stays where you put it, there?s a tube around the bottom edge that can be filled with water to keep it weighted down when the breeze blows.

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