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    Can you wrap your mind around this "Rubik's-Style", sphere-shaped, rotational brain teaser ?   Mixing the colors up is easy by twisting and turning.  The objective is to bring the puzzle back to a single color on each side.   The colors are purple, green, yellow, blue, orange and red.    Official Meffert's Puzzle.

    Puzzle has a very unique surface rotation. There is a "gear-like" appearance as any two halves are turned. The puzzle halves can rotate on three different axis. Around the center (like the equator); from top to bottom holding the left and right sides; and from top to bottom while holding the front and back sides.

    To switch from a different axis of rotation make sure the six square pieces are directly in the center on all six puzzle sides. Nice smooth rotation in all directions. NEVER force turn puzzle. Watch the alignment before turning.

    Recommended for ages 12 to 105 years. A few bright 7 to 11 year olds may also enjoy provided they recognize and practice NO force when turning.

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