• Gear Cube Extreme - White

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    Gear Cube Extreme will test the mettle of some of the best puzzlers.  This complex collection of colored and interlocking gears can get mixed-up very fast.   As the puzzle is mixed-up the shape becomes very irregular (no longer a smooth cube).

    Gear Cube measures approximately 2 3/8 inches on each side. Mefferts Extreme Gear Cube is rated as "MOST Difficult" by the manufacturer. (Ratings are always subjective)

    Colors on faces of puzzle are adhered sticky labels. Mechanism is smooth and well designed. However all rotational style puzzles (like gear cube or rubik's cube) are susceptible to coming apart if forced or turned when out of alignment.

    Recommended for ages 12 through adult. This may be one of those puzzles that will finally give your 'engineer' friend or family member a good challenge. A puzzle they will not solve in ten minutes!!

    More difficult than Meffert's Black Body Gear Cube. Amazon Item ASIN:B00415E5JC

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