• Gear Shift

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  • Description

    Gear Shift is one of the stranger Rubik's style twist and turn brain teasers. There are 8 gears on the outside corners which can rotate. The two halves of the puzzle can be pulled apart by about 1/2 inch. This allows the four gears on the left or right side to turn independently. 

    The objective of Gear Shift is to return the puzzle so that it is a perfect cube and shows the same color on each side. Measures approximately 2.25 inches cube. Gear Shift is one of the most creative gear designs for twist and turn style puzzles.

    Requires using smooth movements. NO force required. Attempting to turn gears when puzzle is not aligned can damage a puzzle. (Avoid allowing younger children or other "unthinking" persons from using your puzzle.)

    HINT There is a hidden screw on each puzzle corner which holds the corner pieces to the center gears (8 hidden screws ... one on each corner). Should the need arise one could delicately and slightly peel back the stickers on a corner to access the hidden screw. Jewelers small screwdriver would be needed

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