• Gel Du Soleil Sunlight Curing Epoxy, .3oz

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    Gel du Soleil Dimensional Gloss Epoxy. For Crafts And Polymer Clay. Cures In Sunlight or Other UV Light. Mixable With Pigments. Creates A Glass Like Surface. Can Be Domed. Small.3 Ounce Bottle. A one part product to create flat or domed glass-like finishes on altered art and mixed-media charms and pendants. Features of Gel du Soleil include: One step, no additional sealing or cleaning required! Tint with transparent resin dyes. Crystal Clear and Waterproof. Non-toxic, but we always recommend using epoxy and resin products in a well ventilated room. Create a domed cabochon look by applying multiple layers, curing each layer before applying the next. Embed "found objects" within Gel du Soleil. Cures under UV lamp in approximately 15 minutes, and will continue to harden over the next two hours. You will receive one small dropper bottle of Gel du Soleil, containing.3 ounces. This amount will fill 4-6 Patera style pendants, depending on size.

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