• Girls Who Rocked the World : Heroines from Sacagawea to Sheryl Swoopes

    Beyond Words Publishing

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    The only book to profile girl heroines who made their mark on the world before turning twenty. 

    Why is it that girls who want to be basketball starts or presidents of their country grow into teenagers who doubt they will ever do anything important? What are we telling girls about what they can and can't achieve? There have been many influential girls throughout history, but their stories are seldom told. The girls profiled in Girls Who Rocked the World are from the past and present, some well-known and others overlooked. Girls like:

    * Joan of Arc was 17 years old when she led French troops against armies of English invaders. She defeated the English and rescued her country. She was burned at the stake at 19.

    * Cristen Powell is one of the top drag racers in America, male or female. She began racing at 16 and is the youngest female racer in history.

    *Other girls included are: Cleopatra (Egypt), Phillis Wheatley (America), Wang Yani (China), Mary Leakey (England), Sarah Bernhardt (France), Frida Kahlo (Mexico), and Mother Teresa (India).

    The book also links the heroines of the past to the girls of today. Between the historical profiles are photos and writings of today's girls answering the question "How do I plan to rock the world?"

    This fun, hip book will inspire girls to make their dreams come true by showing them other amazing girls who did it before them and who changed the world.

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