• Go to the Head Of The Class

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    The legendary Go To The Head of The Class Board Game puts your entire familys knowledge to the test! Starting at the back of the classroom, each player must answer interesting questions from 6 different subject areas in 3 levels of difficulty. "Student" questions are geared for young children while older children and teens answer "Scholar" questions, and "Graduate" questions challenge the adults. Win the game by progressing from kindergarten to 8th grade where a challenging final exam question will be waiting. Get to the head of the class before your opponents to successfully pass your final and win the game! This classic Go To The Head Of The Class board game includes: 24-page quiz book, 6 playing pieces, 3 dice, and instructions. Go To The Head of The Class has a game run time of approximately 25-55 minutes and is suitable for 2-6 players. Ages 7 & up.

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