• Going to Seed: Finding, Identifying, and Preparing Edible Plants of the Southwest

    Clear Light Publishing

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    Looking at a field of flowers, shrubs, and grasses, some may see only overgrowth and weeds, but to author Kahanah Farnsworth it is a rich source of nutritious edible food. These plants were commonly used by native peoples as important sources of health and nutrition. Written as a companion to her wild plant guide "A Taste of Nature: Edible Plants of the Southwest and How to Prepare Them, Going to Seed helps the wild plant enthusiast find and identify 88 additional plants easily found in the Southwest. 

    The author includes valuable information on how plants were used by native peoples as well as range, habitat, and nutritional facts. Each of the edible plants has a recipe for preparing a delicious dish with the gathered plants. Hedge Mustard Casserole, Oaxaca Iceplant Salsa, Baked Cabbage with Juniper Berries, Cream of Milk Thistle Soup, Gazpacho with Peppergrass, Cream of Puffball Soup, and Wild Hyacinth Stir Fry are just a few of the tempting recipes.

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