• Golden 3 Shell Game

    Magic Makers

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  • Description

    From the olden days of carnivals, city back alleys, to magic shops, the three shell game has fooled them all. We humbly introduce the set of shells that grip perfect and perform with an expert feel. The shells are made in brass then twice gold plated. 

    Each set comes with three shells, a rubber green pea and a collector's carrying case.

    The old classic Three Shell Game that was originally created for gambling has been adopted over the years into today's magician's act for the use of entertainment. Through the many years of this evolution the basic shell design has changed little. The object of the game is that the spectator is able to follow the movement of the pea beneath the shells. The magician's goal is to fool the spectator by moving the ball from shell to shell without detection while tantalizing the spectator. Obviously shell movement is important and essential to the act. Use this beautiful Gold Three Shell Game in your next act. Complete instructions are included.

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