• Golden Skull Bank


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    Why We Like the Golden Skull Money Bank:

    A showcase item if there ever was one.
    Distinctive and attention grabber.
    Sure to spark a conversation or two.

    Golden Skull Money Bank

    The Golden Skull Money Bank is an item that seems to have materialized right out of a big budget Hollywood movie (Indiana Jones comes to mind, in fact).

    Why opt for a traditional and bland pig design for a money bank when you can have a golden skull instead? This ceramic coin bank, shaped in the form of a rather affable skull, stands out with its golden hue.

    This is a piece that adds a decorative element to any setting. And yes, it really is a money bank, so you can easily store your coins in its. This is a great item to showcase.

    Golden Skull Money Bank Features:

    Made of ceramic.
    Packaged in sturdy & decorative box.
    Size: 6.5"H x 5"W x 8.5"D

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