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    The SwingSmart™ is a Bluetooth-enabled sensor that attaches to your golf club shaft and with the use of a downloadable free App, wirelessly sends swing information to your Smartphone or Tablet.  After you hit a ball, the SwingSmart instantly displays swing speed, tempo, face angle, and angle of attack.  Additionally, with 3-D SwingView™, you can see the route of the club and the club face from any angle, including overhead in full color 3D graphics. Quickly and Easily Improve Your Game with INSTANT Feedback after Every Swing With the SwingSmart Golf Analyzer and  FREE SwingSmart Android and iPhone/iPad app, you’ll have an easy tool to quickly improve your golf swing anywhere, anytime.  SWING IT     Attach the sensor module to the underside of the shaft on any golf club.  Take a swing, and before your ball drops, SwingSmart has analyzed your complete swing motion. SEE IT           Get INSTANT feedback on your iPad or iPhone for every swing!  See four critical statistics – Tempo, Attack Angle, Swing Speed and Face Angle – and a unique 3-D view that shows the path of your golf swing from any angle. FIX IT       Save your “Best” swing and COMPARE stats to any other swing to learn what’s different and how you can improve.  Even e-mail your swing to an instructor for additional feedback! Invented By Golfers For Golfers       You get the important information you really need to make key improvements to your golf swing – with no distractions.                                    Works with every club in your bag – including putter – to match “feel” with “real.”  Now the latest technology combines with proven golf instruction to help you play better every time out.                                                                                                                     Not a toy - this is THE swing analyzer for real golfers. SwingSmart Golf Analyzer: • Free iPad/iPhone app with free updates. (Absolutely NO subscriptions or extra  • Incorporates videos starring renowned instructor Peter Kostis that illustrate the golf swing to help you play your best • Designed, Engineered, and manufactured in the U.S. – supporting American workers 
                  Capture Every Swing         SwingSmart attaches right under your grip         TIME TO FIND YOUR SWING       Click  here  to download the SwingSmart user manual.   SwingSmart helps players at EVERY level, from beginner to professional, regardless of age. The Patented SwingSmart measures every movement of the club in the backswing and downswing, in full 3-D, and viewable from 360 degrees.  Do you want to see the true details of your swing including every pause, hitch, or twist?  The SwingSmart App tracks the motion of the entire golf club, including the clubface.  No more guessing.  It matches “feel” with “real” so you can actually identify the things in your swing that you need to fix.       THE TOOL YOU USE MATTERS       With our proprietary HiQ Technology, SwingSmart provides the most accurate results for YOUR golf swing.  And we made sure our technology meets the needs of golfers. We worked with CBS Golf Analyst and Top 100 Golf instructor, Peter Kostis, to define the key metrics of a good swing and provide instruction on learning those metrics through our App and the growing library of Peter Kostis Instructional Videos.  Peter also understood the value of working on your swing shape without having the pressure of hitting the perfect shot while you practice.  We incorporated this idea into our unique Training Mode that allows you to capture a swing without having to hit a golf ball.  It all adds up to an extremely effective tool.  With the SwingSmart, you will improve the way you practice and play golf.       SHARE IT       SwingSmart features Dynamic Digital Swing Capture.  Long name, but it means that when you capture, and email a swing in your SwingSmart App to a friend or teacher, they can open it on their FREE SwingSmart App and view it exactly like you d

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