• Gragnano Penne Rigate 20/500g

    Alma Gourmet Ltd

  • $5.90

  • Description

    Pasta di Gragnano recuperated "handicraft" to make pasta "old-fashioned" and with love , following meticulously the old rules and investing the secret knowledges, the "maccaronaro" tricks of the trade, passed down from generation to generation
    Pasta di Gragnano is chewier, nuttier and more roughly textured than most supermarket brands
    Why is our pasta top-quality? Because we use small bronze draw-plates to assure to the pasta a soft and low pressure drawing
    Why is Pasta di Gragnano the best Italian Pasta ? Because we assure a natural, slow and statica essication , so we preserve pasta proteins, its taste and its nutritional value
    Imported From Italy: If you are an exigent customer and you don't want to renounce to the good old tastes, put on your table a top quality Pasta di Gragnano

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