• Great Escapes Beating the Grappler at His Own Game with Mark Hatmaker

    Paladin Press

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  • Description

    When you crash to the ground, limbs suddenly locked in an opponent's grip, your carefully practiced strikes and kicks may be rendered useless. Stripped of your offensive moves, your only chance is to forcefully and immediately break free.
    Mark Hatmaker's years of grappling experience are in plain view here as he not only demonstrates dozens and dozens of escapes and counters to submissions, pins, and rides, but more importantly shows you how to put these moves together into combinations. Just as you chain your offensive moves, you must learn to chain your defenses to react fluidly to your opponent's onslaught, and in Great Escapes you will learn escapes as sequences; you will learn how your opponent is going to flow so you can think three or four defensive movements ahead. 
    But what if you're not a grappler? You're not planning on a ground fight, so do you really need to know all these escapes? The reality is that grappling just happens. The shoot happens, the takedown happens, the ground will happen. If you don't plan for it now, you're in for pain later.

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