• Great Northern Popcorn Organic Premium Popcorn, 5 Pound

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    Single five pound bag, USDA organic certified popcorn. Did you know that non-organic popcorn is on the FDA's list of top ten foods most contaminated with toxic pesticides and chemicals?Are you looking for a safe, all natural, Non GMO, organically grown popcorn?If so, stop looking.The Great Northern Popcorn Company has a reputation for quality and quality is the key to great taste.The GNP secret starts with our premium-quality organic gourmet popcorn. After harvest, every kernel remains properly conditioned in specially designed storage bins. GNP utilizes the most advanced equipment for conditioning and processing the popcorn to insure it meets the government's highest standards. After processing, every load is test-popped for expansion before shipment to ensure customer satisfaction. If it does not meet our standards, we do not ship it. Combine the top quality corn with GNP's proprietary blend of extra-fine buttery flavored seasoned salt, and exclusive low-melt oil and you have the taste & aroma of hot, fresh theater-quality popcorn for you or your customers to enjoy and remember. We truly believe we offer the best tasting popcorn in America. These premium grade organic yellow kernels let you have fresh, hot, tasty popcorn while watching movies, at parties, or at social events in your home, office, church, or business. Our premium-quality, organic popcorn, will provide the taste & aroma of hot, fresh theater-quality popcorn for your customers to enjoy and remember. Don't worry about how the popcorn will taste, we guarantee it will be great. Specifications:Premium Organic 100% All Natural Organic Yellow popcorn kernels individually selected for their superior expansion qualities and tender flakes, Recommended Cooking Instructions:Always use three parts corn to one part oil, Yield: Produces up to 80 ounces of popcorn, & Packaged in a moisture proof bag for maximum freshness.

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