• Green Mountain Coffee® Breakfast Blend Decaf Coffee Vue® Packs, 32/Bx

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    Breakfast Blend is our classic, lively, and vibrant New England breakfast cup. Breakfast Blend offers a snappy, crisp, and citrusy Central American coffee matched with the sweetness, body, and depth of an Indonesian bean to create a wakeful blend that won’t try to compete with your orange juice in terms of its brightness. Green Mountain Coffee A great tasting cup of coffee can give you a whole new perspective. It's a moment to pause, reflect, and reprioritize. That moment is what inspires us to make coffee that benefits everyone it touches. From carefully sourcing and roasting the highest quality beans, to supporting small farms and protecting the environment, we focus on what's important.The  Vue Pack  delivers gourmet quality at peak freshness. Paired with the new Keurig Vue brewing system, you now have a wider variety of brewing options than ever before. The next generation of Keurig, Vue Packs ensure perfection every time by adjusting airflow, water pressure, and timing according to your beverage.The Keurig Vue Brewing System is what your morning has been waiting for. Easy to brew, perfect coffee; hot or over ice. Create custom coffee, tea and hot cocoa, iced beverages and specialty café treats - brewed to perfection in under a minute. The color Touchscreen provides you temperature, strength and size choices. Now you can enjoy exactly what you love, exactly how you love it!The Vue Packs revolutionize not only your coffee, but the planet as well. Recyclable anywhere #5 plastics are are accepted, you can now start your day on a clean foot. About half of US communities accept #5 plastic for recycling today, and that number is only growing. The cardboard box is also easily recycled. Coffee Will Never Be The Same

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