• Green Tea Gyokuro Premium 1.8 Oz. (51g.)

    Taza Teas

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  • Description

    Our Gyokuro is made from from the first flush of tea leaves, and is shaded from sunlight for about 20 days before it is harvested and processed.  Our Gyokuro is made from premium Sencha, (green tea).
    This is how it is processed:  After the fresh leaves are stored, they are steamed. After steaming they get a  first rolling which is followed by twisting.  Next, a second and third rolling. The process is finished with a final drying and blending.  As a result the color, aroma, and flavor are richly enhanced.  Gyokuro is the highest quality tea available.  Our teas come from Zhejiang region in China.  Zhejiang means "crooked river" and was the old name of the Qiantang River which passes through the provincial capital city of Hangzhou.
    There is a popular saying, "Above there is heaven, below there is Hangzhou". Zhejiang has a humid subtropical climate, offering an ideal environment for tea and thus not surprisingly leads the provinces of China in tea production.

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