• Grimm's Small Flames Nesting Wooden Blocks Stacker, "Elements" of Nature: FIRE

    Grimms Spiel and Holz Design

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  • Description

    Grimm's Small Fire Stacker is a wooden stacking and nesting puzzle, hand carved from a single piece of wood. These nesting flames represent the element of fire and are gently dyed with non-toxic, water based stains in a range of beautiful orange, red and yellow colors. Each fiery piece can be used in imaginative play as a bridge, tunnel, fence, or cave for little gnomes, fairies, or other little dolls. It can be stacked and nested together as a puzzle. Look for Grimm's other Small Elements Stackers to complete your collection; other styles (sold separately) are Rainbow (air), WaterWaves (water) and Stone Caves (earth). Also available in a Complete Set of all four stackers. 
    Children will enjoy creative free play with these wonderful nesting blocks using them for caves, hills, see-saws and more. Each Set is minimally packaged in clear shrink wrap. Unique, beautiful, and fun. This 5-piece, Fire element stacker is a clever and versatile little wooden toy. Kids learn to differentiate colors, to stack, and to nest. When not being used for building and construction, this stacker is a fun open-ended toy where children can create bridges, tunnels, small houses, and more. NOT for children under 3 years of age due to the choking hazard posed by smallest piece. About Grimm's Grimm's Spiel and Holz Design has been manufacturing high quality, imaginative wooden toys in Germany since 1978. Inspired by the philosophy of Waldorf education, these beautiful and unique toys are designed with simple shapes, vibrant, natural colors, and a gentle texture loved by all ages. Grimm's creates heirloom-quality puzzles, building sets, dolls, stacking towers, baby rattles and more. Grimm's makes long-lasting toys that stimulate the imagination and encourage children to discover and develop their own creativity. There are no instructions, and you can do no wrong with a Grimm's toy. Just play, learn, and enjoy.

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