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    Grinds Coffee Pouches

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    What is Grinds?
    Grinds, or Grinds Coffee Pouches, are small pouches of flavored coffee that can help you feel sharp and focused throughout the day or night. Each can contains approximately 18 coffee pouches, each packed with plenty of B-Vitamins for energy and other important nutrients to keep you bright and alert.
    How much caffeine or energy does Grinds contain?
    Each can of Grinds Coffee Pouches contains the caffeine equivalent of 4-5 cups of coffee. With roughly 18 pouches contained in each can, each pouch is equal to about 1/4 cup of coffee. However, caffeine is just one of the many ways that today's energy drinks and supplements deliver energy to the body. Grinds contains other key ingredients like B-Vitamins and Guarana that allow you to feel focused and alert without the jitters of caffeine. In fact, each can has the same stuff you would find in any Red Bull or 5-Hour Energy, only at a more moderate level and without unnecessary liquid, calories, and carbonation of our competitors.
    How do you use Grinds Coffee Pouches?
    Grinds Coffee Pouches are designed to be placed between the teeth and gums. Just pop in a pouch or two and let the flavors begin to brew. The energy will begin to flow from the grinds to you in minutes. Once the pouch loses flavor, simply take it out and throw it away. Also, it's helpful to tell people how much you love using Grinds and let them know where to find the product. Trust us on that.

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