• Grisi Chamomile Shampoo for Girls 8.4 oz

    DLC Laboratories, Inc.

  • $1.00

  • Description

    When your daughter is ready for her own shampoo Grisi Chamomile Girls Shampoo is an excellent product to buy. The smell is fresh and lightly herbal. Chamomile in the shampoo makes this kids shampoo one that is healing to the scalp and appealing to the sense of smell. It has a light herbal fragrance that comes from the Chamomile plant. The packaging of the Grisi Chamomile Girls Shampoo is appealing to little girls and it is the right size for them to be independent and learn to shampoo their hair on their own. The bottle is not so large that they cannot handle it. Encourage the girls in your life to use a good quality product like Grisi Chamomile Girls Shampoo on their hair so that it will look and smell fresh like the chamomile that will clean and brighten her hair. An excellent shampoo for your girls to use.

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