• Grisi Mother of Pearl Soap

    DLC Laboratories, Inc.

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    Description 30 Soaps - Grisi Soap Concha Nacar, jab?other of Pearl, helps reduce small skin spots on the skin with of the combination of concha nacar, mother of pearl powder, and vitamin C. Grisi Soap Concha Nacar leaves your skin silky, smooth, and moisturized. Grisi Soap Concha Nacar, jabon Mother of Pearl Net weight 3.5 OZ, pack 12/12. UPC 0-37836-00026-3 Grisi's Mother of Pearl Soap contains ingredients that help regenerate and stimulate the skin. It has small particles of the sea shells (where pearls come from) that when in touch with the skin, cleans and helps it rejuvenate, by exfoliating and nourishing the skin. In combination with Grisi's Mother Pearl cream it helps reduce and in some cases eliminate many skin spots (skin spots maybe caused by different things so it may not work on all skin spots). Mother of Pearl also helps reduce scars from cuts, burns and acne. As it penetrates the layers of skin, it reacts to eliminate dirt, grime and bacteria, even reduces skin oils or fats, so that they do not accumulate. Mother of Pearl soaps does not leave the skin dry because of its emollient properties, it hydrates the skin. For healthy nourishing skin, use Mother of Pearl Soap. El jabón de Grisi de Concha Nacar es excelente para regenerar y estimular la piel.

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