• Group - Sons of Anarchy 73" x 50" Stand-Up

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    This life-size cardboard standup of Sons of Anarchy group stands at a size of 73" x 50". This group standup includes Jackson "Jax" Teller, Gemma Teller Morrow, and Clarence "Clay" Morrow. Sons of Anarchy is an FX television series about an outlaw motorcycle group. Sons of Anarchy is a very popular show, and is one FX's most popular ever. A cutout of the starring roles would be a great gift for any Sons of Anarchy fan. You will enjoy it! How to Set Up Your Standup: 1. Unfold standup and easel.  Lay standup face down on a clean, flat surface. 2. Fold easel up along the long vertical crease that runs the length of the standup. 3. Lift upper and lower tab to lock easel in place. 4. Attach upper tab to top of easel. About Advanced Graphics:  Since 1984, Advanced Graphics has been committed to producing the highest quality Cardboard Standups and Custom Prints in the world. We are the worldwide industry leader in the licensing and distribution of Cardboard Standups. We are also the #1 source for Licensed and Custom cardboard standups in the industry. Our goal is to provide the highest quality prints to our customers. We put our customers first and will continue to provide the best customer service to those who keep us in business.

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