• H2O4K9 - Insulated Dog Water Bottle - Red, 25oz

    Pet Palette (Wholesale Pet)

  • $21.99

  • Description

    This is the highest level of premium dog water bottles from H2O4K9 Inc. Unlike any other dog water bottle on the market, the K9 Unit was engineered for Military, Search & Rescue and Law Enforcement K9 handler use and has been field tested by K9 handlers worldwide. Designed to hold up under extraordinary outdoor conditions, the K9 Unit is a perfect fit for outdoor recreational use. Designed to eliminate any complex parts that can rust, break, scratch or easily dent. The patented large capacity lid is made from heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic and allows your dog to drink naturally; with a wider, deeper drinking trough and sturdy built-in clip loop (clip not included). The rugged outer shell protects the bottle from the most challenging environments.

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