• Hair Washing Tray, 18" x 12.75"

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  • Description

    Hair Washing Tray Shoulder Mounted Shampoo Tray is contoured to fit neck comfortably and rest on client's shoulders for easy shampooing in seated position. The hair washing tray features unique flexible rubber facing which surrounds tray and neck opening to provide superior comfort and prevent slipping. The shampoo tray is compact and lightweight, the Ez-Shampoo hair washing tray diminishes awkward bending for those with limited motion. This personal care product reduces back strain for caregiver. Raised edge of the shampoo tray prevents water from spilling over. The hair washing tray has contoured sides support neck with 35 " strap which wraps around client's forearm to stabilize washing tray. The household convenience product is made from durable yet lightweight plastic and is easily cleansed with soap or household disinfectant and water. The shampoo tray can be used with chair or wheelchair. Latex free, hand shower not included. Shampooing a person in chair or wheelchair is much more easier now using a shampoo tray or shampoo trough (trof). Clean hair may help a person feel and look better. Old oils and dirt are removed when the hair is cleaned with shampoo. This helps prevent skin irritation and also helps stop germs from growing. Hair washing tray is made from durable yet lightweight plastic and is easily cleaned with household disinfectant and water.

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