• Halo Legendary Risk

    Continuum Games

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  • Description

    Risk Battle for HALO is based on a fictitious futuristic story of humanity's survival.  One very exciting game where players make choices which can result in their final survival or demise.

    After three decades of war, the battle for survival has come to HALO - an ancient and powerful ringworld built by the Forerunners. The UNSC wages war against the implacable Covenant and a vicious parasite known as the flood. If you select the covenant, your mission is clear.......eradicate all humans and activate HALO to initiate the Great Journey. As the FLOOD, you will infest the battlefield, mercilessly destroying all that stands in your way. The cHoice is yours but the goal is the same....win at all costs.

    An incredibly engaging strategy/adventure turn-based board game. Based on the original RISK board game by Parker Brothers circa 1957. Risk is a trademark game owned by Hasbro. Halo is trademark by Microsoft (Xbox) corporation.

    Game for 2 to 5 players, ages 10 & up. Average game time 90 to 180 minutes.

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