• Hammers Anti-Shock Hiking Trekking Pole Walking Stick 5BK w/ Compass & Thermometer

    Wing-Sun Trading, Inc

  • $18.90

  • Description

    Hammers HP5BK hiking stick is a great pole and a perfect companion for your weekend hiking trips:  
     Comfortable molded cork grip with nylon wrist band strap 
     Made of 3 telescopic sections of strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy 
     Telescopic sections can be adjusted to a desired height between 55" (fully extended) and 27 1/2"(completely folded)  
    Spring-loaded anti-shock mechanism inside which can be turned on/off with a twist between the two sections 
     Stick length: Max. 55" extended; 27 1/2" folded 
    Color: Satin Black  
    Total Weight: 13ozs.  
    At the bottom end of the stick, there is a carbide tip hide inside the rubber end cap. It is very helpful when walking on rocky hard surface. A mud/snow disc is included for use on loose top soil or muddy road.  
    Other convenient accessories include a liquid filled mini compass and a thermometer. Both could be worn on watch band when preferred.  
    *The listing price is for a single stick only. Should you wish to get a pair, just check out 2 pcs when ordering.

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