• hand/arm band for smaller phones - left hand - black/pink stripe

    HB Tune

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  • Description

    The HB Tune is a uniquely designed case that allows you to securely hold your iPhone or iPod touch firmly in your hand. Simply slide your device into the pouch and strap it on your hand - that's it! You will have full control of the touchscreen and no more worries about dropping your phone. Your hand can now relax - there is no more wasted energy from gripping tightly. Please note that the HB Tune hand band is not ambidextrous, each unit is designed to be worn either on the right or left hand only. Please choose your hand orientation and color combination as per the options shown. For most users, either hand will work fine and many choose a unit to be worn on the left hand. If you feel you might have a strong preference and want some help in deciding, they are similar to a baseball mitt - if you are a righty, you will typically wear a left handed unit and vice versa. Please also note that the HB Tune iPhone size is designed to work with or without most small bumper cases. If you have a larger bumper case such as the Otterbox, please purchase the larger HB Tune hand band designed to fit large smart phones (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006CX2HCI)- you will get a great fit with that unit. Max device size - 2.75 X 4.91 inches (70 mm X 124mm) Mp3 players are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included.

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